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Special Agent Thomas Thunder of the FBI makes a desperate attempt to catch a bizarre serial killer of women.  The quest takes him from the San Francisco Bay area to New York City, but he is about to be thrust onto whirlwind ride filled with terror and remorse.  The unexpected ending will surprise both the seasoned FBI agent and the reader alike.

Volume 2 of the Thunder series finds the Special Agent immersed in the process of unraveling a government conspiracy involving the illegal alien crisis. He has no idea who is behind the debacle, but  his suspicions are more than aroused when bullets begin to fly in his direction.

Volume 3 in the Thomas Thunder series of thrillers, BINARY BANDITS, is scheduled for release in the very near future. Fasten your seat belt, as you take a wild ride with Thunder through an Asian jungle,  the streets of Switzerland and more, in search of a devious criminal hell bent on holding the financial world hostage.

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