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Born in New York City, author Ron Wilk is a retired neurologist.  He earned his medical degree at the world’s oldest medical institution, the famed University of Bologna Faculty of Medicine in Bologna, Italy.  His youthful years in Europe broadened his cultural experiences and later influenced much of his fiction writings.

Upon graduating, Wilk trained at the prestigious Mt. Sinai Hospital of New York City where he achieved chief resident status.  After a twenty-three year career in Boca Raton, Florida, following an injury, Wilk retired.

Missing the day-to-day adrenaline rush of the medical profession, he pursued a myraid of hobbies including photography, music, animation and more.  But none of these avocations fulfilled his aspirations.  That is, until his brief sojourn in law school.  Here, he would find his next profession—but not as an attorney—as an author.

“What I gleaned from my brief exposure to the legal world was that I truly enjoyed the writing and research aspects,” explained Wilk.  “So, I decided to begin my writing career and see what happened.  As a neurologist, I knew the importance of finding new passions in your life.  Nowadays,many people, when faced with job loss or retirement, seem to lose sight of their purpose and that can lead to numerous emotional and physical problems.  The key is to remain vigilant and confident—life has many acts and we all have many dimensions to our talents—we just have to keep believing in ourselves.”

Armed with this important insight and a fertile imagination, Wilk set forth to create his first character, the sophisticated Dr. Weylin McCain.  A dashing MD with a penchant for getting caught up in dangerous situations with equally perilous and beautiful women.  Weylin’s exciting escapes can be read in Wilk’s free online publication, Red Death. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD.

With the viral success of Red Death, Wilk then entered the world of the psychological thriller, penning Kerberos, a shocking and dramatic descent into the darkest parts of the human mind and soul.  Not for the faint of heart, Kerberos offers a stunning ending that will leave you chilled to the bone. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD.

With Internet downloads of his books reaching well over 900,000 pages, Wilk’s next novel was chosen for publication by the Langdon Street Press.  In Papal Rogues, Wilk offers a daring and controversial “what if” scenario, creating a compelling and multilayered thriller that leaves readers wondering just how far a nefarious few will go to recapture their reign of power and just how vulnerable the world can be when the secrets of cyberspace fall into the wrong hands.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER PAPAL ROGUES.

Currently, Wilk is penning his next novel—an exciting murder mystery replete with unexpected twists and a shocking ending.

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